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I'm Kylie. I'm 14 years old
OK. So injections aren't my favourite thing.
Just do it. Then it's done.
I'm Damen. I'm 13 years old
I've grown loads and got stronger.
And now I'm in the school footbal team.
I'm Jake. I'm 8 years old
I've just started doing my own injections.
I'm cool with it.
I'm Rose. I'm 8 years old
I do my own injections.
It's easy peasy when you get used to it.
I'm Aaron. I'm nearly 11 years old
If you don't do your injection everyday, you wont grow so tall.
I'm Abbie. I'm nearly 11 years old
I've been doing my injections every night for 6 years.
I don't even think about it any more.
It's a must!
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