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Questions and measurements

When you join the Growth Zone Space Academy, they ask all sorts of questions about your background and health. Lots of measurements are taken too, to make sure your space suit and helmet fit properly for example.

If you are shorter than other children of your age, your doctors and nurses will be asking questions and taking measurements to work out the best way to help. Things they will be interested in include:

Your Measurements

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Head size
  • Weight at birth

Your Family

  • Mum's height
  • Dad's height
  • Height of brothers/sisters
  • Shared medical conditions

Your Medical Information

  • Illnesses you have or have had
  • Allergies and immunisations
  • Medicines you take or have taken

It's all routine, so hang in there. Your medical team will soon have all the information they need.

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