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Global Research, Growth Disorders
What is the treatment for AGHD?

Regular injections of synthetic (man-made) growth hormone will replace the missing naturally produced growth hormone and relieve your symptoms. You will probably continue taking this growth hormone replacement for a long time, because if you stop the treatment you will not get the benefits of your therapy. You will need to have your levels checked from time to time to make sure you are receiving the correct dose. Growth hormone is given as an injection once a day – usually at night, because this is when the body naturally produces most of its growth hormone. It’s not possible to give treatment as a tablet, because the digestive juices in the stomach would destroy it. But there are a few different devices available for giving growth hormone injections so you and your treatment team can find one that suits you.

  • Pen devices come in disposable and durable forms:
    • Disposable pen devices come prefilled with ready-to-use liquid. There is no assembly required as the pen holds several doses at a time and the pen will need to be replaced every few days or weeks.
    • Durable pen devices use prefilled cartridges with ready-to-use liquid. The cartridges hold several doses at a time and they will only need to be changed every few days or weeks.
  • Some pen devices are not prefilled, and require solvent and powder to be mixed and then loaded into the pen.
  • Needle and syringes are another option that some people prefer. Each type of device uses a different technique for delivering treatment, but your treatment team will help you to learn how they work.

If you do not like seeing needles: some devices can keep the needle hidden so you do not see it during the injection, or they can automatically insert the needle at the touch of a button.

If you do not want to use a needle at all: there are jet devices that push the growth hormone through the skin using pressure. These devices don’t use needles but that does not mean they are pain-free.

The type of device that is most suitable for you may change over time as your lifestyle changes – remember that you can review your decision and discuss your needs with your treatment team at any time.

Date of preparation: September 2020
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