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Flinn is a GHT patient
Can I travel with my medication?

You will need to keep taking your injections as usual if you go for a holiday, business trip or to visit family and friends. You might find the checklist below helpful.

Before you travel
  • Ask your GP or hospital endocrine team for a letter stating you need to carry growth hormone treatment and needles or pen devices
    • Some GP surgeries will charge a fee for this, but without this letter you may not be able to take your medication on board an aircraft
  • Make sure you have packed enough growth hormone medication to last you the duration of your trip
  • If your medicine needs to be refrigerated, check with your hotel that there will be a fridge available for you to use
  • Consider contacting the airline you are flying with and your departure airport to let them know you will be travelling with injectable growth hormone
  • Check the security regulations in the country you are travelling to, regarding flying with medicines
While travelling
  • Bring your growth hormone to the airport in a transparent, re-sealable plastic bag, no bigger than 20x20cm, together with all your other liquids (such as toiletries)
  • You will need to present this bag for examination at the security checkpoint
  • If your medicine needs to be kept refrigerated, pack it in a cool bag during the journey
  • Keep your growth hormone in your hand luggage – it could freeze if it goes into the hold of an aircraft
On arrival
  • If your medicine needs to be refrigerated, put it into the fridge as soon as you reach your destination
Date of preparation: September 2020
This page is intended for members of the UK public